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Get In-the-Know with EcoCanary’s Top Five Docufilms

October 7, 2010

Below are a few documentary films that explain the issues we are facing and how to handle the change.  EcoCanary strongly recommends watching them in the order they are listed here.

An Exposé on America’s Industrialized Food System (as featured on Oprah):

Food Inc.

Visit the official website

Ever want to know just exactly where your food comes from?  It’s important to know what goes into the food we eat, how far it travels to get our plate and most importantly what is the true short and long-term cost of processed food.   (This film is a Netflix Instant browse, click HERE to watch!)


One Possible Scenario of Climate Change:

Earth 2100

Visit the official website

There are lot of films that explain climate change.  Check out our big list of docufilms so you can be sure to get the information from a source you feel comfortable with.  This  is one of our favorites.   It not only explains what is happening but it puts it in the context of one fictitious person born in 2009 and what she faces over the course of her lifetime. This film was produced by ABC and has several excellent scientific panelists.   (It’s available on Netflix as a DVD )


Peak Oil and  Societal Transformation:


Visit the official website

This film puts peak oil in context with population growth, climate change and everything else. It deserves a level of seriousness when watching it. It’s the most sobering, eye-opening, films we’ve seen on this subject.  (This film is a Netflix Instant browse, click HERE to watch! )

******UPDATE Check out Blind Spot, What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire, and National Geographic: 2210 Collapse for other films that connect the dots between climate change, peak oil and all the other factors that will eventually lead to the collapse of society as we know it.*****


Intro to Permaculture and Why You Should Know About It:

A Farm for the Future

Visit the official website

OK now you know what we’re in for,  so what the hell do we do?!   One woman in England asks this question of her community and starts to get some much needed answers as to what changing our lifestyles might look like.  (You can see it HERE on You Tube in five parts.)


A Living Example of Sustainability:

The Power of Community; How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

Visit the official website

When the Soviet Union collapsed, Cuba was cut off from their supply of oil and they had to rethink the way they lived–and fast. From obtaining bicycles to reclaiming empty lots to grow food, Cuba is one possible example of how a society can continue and even thrive without fossil fuels.   (You can buy it here on Amazon or watch it HERE on Google Video)

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