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Perhaps the most important novel of our generation; The Carbon Diaries 2015.

January 15, 2011

This is the most incredible book I have read this year, and perhaps the most important story of our generation. The Carbon Diaries 2015 is not speculative fiction. It hardly falls under the category of fiction at all. Each day we are starting to be more aware of the coming collapse, but nothing I have read or seen so far has portrayed so clearly and truthfully what we are in for—and in such a personal, relateable way.  Documentaries report facts, you can go to the IPCC  website and see the numbers for yourself, and by looking at the interconnections of news stories you see the manifestation of the predictions…but even with all the evidence in front of us,  it is hard to take it to heart, to process the information in an meaningful, impacting way. The Carbon Diaries unabashedly throws us head first into our shared future, and  through the eyes of a young woman we are able witness and emphasize and hopefully at long last process our coming fate.  2015 is not far away. In four short years our world will most likely look like the one described.    If you read only one book this year, read this one and then share it with everyone you know. Generations before us have understood the power of a story to teach, to prepare, to mentally condition a listener to face adversary and disaster.  The Carbon Diaries 2015 is that kind of story.

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