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Bike Winter: Rumors of Snow or Ug Everything I Own Is Cotton

November 10, 2011

Blurry Picture; zooming along the trail

Nov. 9, 201

Morning Weather: 40s-50s, heavy rain

Evening Weather: High 30s, light  mist…rumors of snow, but I didn’t see any.

What I wore: This morning I succeeded to keep my knees dry but nearly negated it by sweating too much.  I wore my polyester Bike to Work Week Jersey thinking it might wick moisture the way the BW Vets had described–NOT!  It just got soaked along with the light cotton long-sleeved jersey shirt I had on top of it. Fortunately I had a tank and sweater to change into when I got to work.  Thanks to the saftey-pinning, my knees stayed dry. I was wearing a knee-length skirt, cotton tights and my rain boots.  I ended up taking off my fleece hat to cool down.  I think I might stick to earmuffs in this weather in the future.

This evening was quite a bit cooler, I added a pair of synthetic knee-socks over my cotton tights, and kept my sweater on. The bottoms of my ears were cold, so tomorrow I might try putting on my earmuffs in addition to my hat.  I am not ready to take out my “Canuk” hat yet which I am planning on wearing later in the season.  I am thinking the 30s may be occasion to switch out my leather gloves with my thermal ones but I am worried about them getting soaked in the rain.  Glory of glories I found a wool set of gloves, hat and scarf at the back of my closet!  I will give them a try tomorrow.  A new problem presented itself on the way home, my knees and upper thighs were cold, so apparently the tights couldn’t cut it or the skirt was too thin.  Wool-shopping here I come. I’ve been  eyeing a pair of old-fashioned legwarmers from the Vermont Country Store for a while now.

I’ve got to tackle this moisture-wicking and warmth problem head-on.  It seems that other than my fleece ski vest, my entire wardrobe is cotton.  Funny how I never second-thought this until now.

Observations from today’s commute:  I saw more deer!  I attempted to get a picture of the buck but was terribly slow on the draw fumbling to get my gloves off and my cell phone out.  Here’s my attempt.  You can see him in the far distance, darting into the woods.

Despite the rain, it was really beautiful this morning.  There were so few other path users that at times I felt like I alone was setting off into the wilderness for a great adventure.  I haven’t had this much unadulterated nature enjoyment since visiting my folks in MA over the summer. It is so peaceful to leave behind the noise and pace of the city, so wonderful to see the trees ensconced in golds and bronzes, see wildlife and hear only the sound the water in the creek, the rain an my wheels, spinning on the trail.


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