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For the Skeptics

October 6, 2012

“Look. Any way that you look at the question of global warming, the stakes seem to be the whole world. The skeptics promise global economic DOOM if we take hasty action on an unproven question.  The activists warn of global climate DOOM if we don’t take immediate action on an imminent threat.  And the only way to know for sure who’s right is to let the experiment play itself out. Unfortunately, we’re in the test tube.  So there’s got to be a better way to go about this besides shouting at each other.” -Greg Craven

Whether or not climate change is real, and whether or not humans are the cause is moot.  Really!  What matters is the actions we choose to take and the possible consequences of those actions. As science teacher Greg Craven puts it, it’s a matter of risk management.


Fancy version of Greg Craven’s chart from Powerhouse Museum: EcoLogic Exhibition


Here’s Greg Craven explaining how we can get past the debate and decide on a course of action using logic:


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