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Complete Map of Chicago Farmers Markets, hours and SNAP benefits

February 20, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and high time I’ve caught up. I am nearly done completing my master’s degree in environmental studies and communications! I have learned so much and have so much to share!

For my History and Philosophy of Contemporary Food Movements  class, I decided to take a look at Chicago’s farmers markets in terms of accessibility for working families–especially those who utilize SNAP benefits (or as they are called in Illinois, LINK benefits).  By plotting them all on a Google Map, I made some interesting observations.

Here’s a link to the map:

I marked all of the farmer’s markets that were only open during regular work hours with a red marker, and those that were open outside of regular work hours with a green marker.  Additionally I used a star-shaped marker to indicate markets that accept LINK (Illinois SNAP) cards. In the Google Map, you can click on the markers to learn the days and hours of each.

Acessibility of Chicago Farmers Markets Map_key

Overall, I noticed that out of the 41 markets I plotted over half (28) were open during non-work hours.  Also a large majority of them (31) accepted LINK cards.  However less than half (20) accepted LINK cards and were open during non-work hours.

Finally, I made one very important observation during my research. Although there is a long list of farmers markets accepting LINK cards and it is easily available online, the times and hours of all of the farmers markets outside of the City’s purview were not easily accessible. I needed to individually research this information for about 19 of them.

I’m so glad to see so many farmer’s markets in our city!  I hope that this information will help you find and patron your local farmer’s market!




*All information is based on 2013 days and hours, these details might change in 2014. I will update them accordingly.

Brewer, Carol Kurht. 2013. “Chicago’s Farmers Markets 2013: Season Schedule Plus Night Markets.”

“Spend Illinois Link Benefits at These Certified Farmers Markets.” 2013. Illinois Department of Human Services. Accessed February 9.


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