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Voice Your Support for Chicago’s Plastic Bag Ban!

March 10, 2014

“Did you know that single-use, disposable plastic bags cost Chicago taxpayers over $40 MILLION a year embedded in our grocery bills? And that doesn’t include the unquantifiable costs of cleaning up clogged storm drains, litter in our environment, and harm to local wildlife and beyond. Small particles of plastic eventually end up in our food chain, posing a danger to human health  (Bring Your Bag Chicago’s 2013 petition to Mayor Emanuel)”

According to the Sun-Times, first ward Alderman  Joe Moreno (1st)’s proposed ordinance to prohibit Chicago retailers with more than 5,000 square feet of floor space from providing customers with plastic bags for shopping is “gaining steam.” He and co-sponsor ” George Cardenas, alderman of the 12th ward and chairman of the Committee on Health and Environmental Protection, have the 26 votes needed to win full council approval.

But they need our help!  Contact your alderman to say you support the ban today!

Click here to find your alderman and send him or her a message:

Here’s a sample letter (feel free to change, elaborate, add personal details, rants, etc.):

I write to express my strong support of an ordinance that would restrict plastic checkout bags at supermarkets and most retail outlets over 5,000′.  The Reusable Bag Ordinance will be much more effective than the existing resolution and plastic bag recycling program.  I am extremely concerned with the economic and natural resource impacts of single-use bag pollution in our local community.

Across the United States, numerous cities and counties are taking similar steps to reduce plastic bag litter and Chicago should be next to help protect Lake Michigan along with reducing urban blight and taxpayer dollars spent on plastic bag cleanup efforts.  I hope you will be a leader on this issue and vote yes.

Borrowed from: where you can send the same message to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.


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