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Infographic: Tips for Drivers to Save Lives

July 8, 2016

Dear drivers,

Today as I nearly got clipped trying to cross the street in a crosswalk at a clearly marked intersection, I wondered whether the Illinois Crosswalk Law was included in drivers education classes. I grew up in Connecticut and remember learning that law, but perhaps Illinois drivers are simply unaware they are supposed to yield to crossing pedestrians? That may indeed be the case, as was explored by this NBC video.

So I made an infographic to help with this and other simple things drivers can do to keep vulnerable road users safe.  Please feel free to spread this around far and wide!

A personal note, my mom was struck and severely injured while crossing in a crosswalk during a walk signal. This collision was completely avoidable. The driver who struck my mom made a turn without checking the crosswalk. I am beseeching drivers from the bottom of my heart to heed my advice.

The situations I described in my infographic are the ones where I feel the most exposed and vulnerable, and yes even fearful, on daily basis as I walk and ride my bike nearly everywhere I go.

I have had too many close calls to count and I am sure you and your family members have also experienced these threats. Everyone is a pedestrian sometimes after all. Please remember this when you drive and act accordingly. Please share this infographic (or at least the tips) with other drivers you know.

Thank you so much for looking out for the most vulnerable road users!

(Special thanks to Keating Law Offices, who graciously allowed me to use their graphics)

*Sources linked below*

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