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Save the Planet, Vote

November 4, 2016

I’m going to keep this simple. I am not going to talk about misogyny or immigrant rights (although these issues are very important to me, hit me up on Twitter if you want to chat).

Here it is folks:

One presidential candidate understands, acknowledges and plans to act on the threat of Climate Change….. and one doesn’t.

And although green is my modus operandi,  the fate of our planet  (and the continued survival of humanity) far too important to risk a third-party option.

And while you’re at it keep in mind local elections are just as important.  “Choices that voters make will influence other levels of government—and some of these decisions will steer the course of science and science policy” advises a recent Scientific American article, “A Scientist’s Guide to the Election.”


Vote. Even if you’re cringing, wishing for better options, vote anyway. Get to the polls (or mail your ballot) and vote. Our planet hangs in the balance. We can’t afford to backslide another four years on climate policy and innovation. We are out of time for dithering. Vote.


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