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There are a lot of sites out there that tell you what to do to make your life more eco-friendly.  We’re not trying to reinvent the proverbial wheel.

Instead watch us. We’ll do the work and tell you how it goes.

  • What choices we’ve made to live more sustainably…?
  • How well the choices seem to be working…?
  • How easy or hard they were to incorporate…?
  • Whether we invested any money upfront…?
  • What kind of impact we hope to make by doing it…?
  • What are the side benefits like saving money…?

Eco-Choices Report #1: Waste-free Lunches, Handkerchiefs and Car-free Living

Eco-Choices Report #2: Farmer’s Markets, Marvelous Mushrooms and TP made from Recycled Paper

Eco-Choices Report #3: Progress Update

DIY Christmas, Sew Cool & the Joy of Resale

The Art of Grocery Getting By Bike

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